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The pros of cash flow forecasting

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Cash flow management is the most important aspect of any business—big or small. Maintaining a healthy cash flow ensures that a business can pay common expenses such as salaries, utilities and taxes while also having funds to put toward growth and business expansion. Maintaining a clear picture of your cash flow at all times is critical to business success, as is mastering cash flow forecasting.

Effectively forecasting future cash flow enables business owners to predict cash shortages or surpluses. This information can then be used to make smart, informed business decisions, such as whether to hire new employees, invest in significant purchases or cut back expenses in certain areas. 

Consider a few top pros of cash flow forecasting for your business:

  • Provides foresight into organizational earnings—When you add up the sums expected from every revenue stream and compare to total liabilities, it provides highly useful data about future earnings.

  • Allows for planning of significant purchases—Another advantage of the cash flow forecast is that it can help an organization predict whether a large expenditure can occur without creating too much risk to the company’s financial health.

  • Helps keep spending in check—Reviewing the cash flow forecast arms decision makers with the data required to ensure the business meets its revenue goals. If a business is at risk of not meeting revenue targets, adjustments in spending can be made earlier on.

  • Offers investors an overview of financial health—Some investors will use cash flow forecasts as a tool to determine the financial health of an organization. With more clarity about the future, investors can take early action to generate desired results.

The importance of cash flow management cannot be overstated. Forecasting cash flow effectively takes dedication and precision, so be sure to put in the time necessary to ensure the ongoing health of your business.

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