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Social Security tax update: How high can it go?

Employees, self-employed people and employers pay Social Security tax. If you’re an employee, your wages are hit with the 12.4% Social Security tax up to the annual wage ceiling. Half of the Social Security tax (6.2%) is withheld from your paychecks. The other half (also 6.2%) is paid by your employer, so you never actually see it. The Social Security tax wage ceiling for 2024 is $168,600 (up from $160,200 for 2023). If your wages meet or exceed that ceiling, the Social Security tax for 2024 will be $20,906 (12.4% x $168,600). Half comes out of your paychecks and your employer pays the other half. The wage ceiling is projected to go up to $174,900 in 2025 and up to $242,700 by 2033.